cover letter Preparation

a cover letter can be divided into two general categories

first, to publish a scientific research achievement and second to get admission from an organization. The cover letter is used for different purposes. If it is written for admission, it will be as the motivation and explain your intention to study in that country and university. If it is written for the article, you should focus on the strengths of your article in the cover and make sure the journal is not sent to another magazine. Also, the cover letter is used for patents and conferences.

cover letter for publishing research activity

 the first category of the cover letter is for publishing research in the form of books, articles, inventions or even conferences. You need to write a cover letter to present your work to the journal editor and the speaker of a conference. The letter is about 200 words, and show your research background and how its importance.

This way, your audience can select the best referee for your case, and also a constructive suggestion for publishing or not publishing your research achievement. For example, the magazine editor can read your cover letter to get to know your entire job and make the right judgment on your case. The Importance of Choosing the right magazine and referee by the Journal editor has a great impact on your future

cover letter to get an academic admission

the second category of the cover letter is for getting an academic admission or job that somehow shows your motivation to do. This cover letter is a useful tool to introduce yourself, your activities, and your application to the organization you applied for. As your audience reads this letter should have an overview of your resume and why you choose the job and career.

Unlike a resume that shows your educational and job background, a successful cover letter presents your personality. In fact, the cover letter should give your audience enough motivation to do a personal interview or test your ability to accept the opportunity. Writing a successful cover letter should not follow a specific pattern but it should be completely unique to be different from others.

most successful cover letters follow this general structure:

Standard cover letter structure

1start with a beautiful and memorable introduction

 2.include organized examples of your interests and tasks and your strategies for solving problems

3.your resume will finish by a final conclusion and also motivation for the reader to read your resume carefully.

Hamyarapply’s experts come together to introduce you well, to your audience by writing the cover letter and also giving a piece of useful advice. Our goal is to show your master the true value of your resume as well as your specialized skills.

Routines of Writing or Editing Cover Letter

  1. Upload resume file or first copy of the cover letter (before editing)
  2. Provide a description of your educational and career opportunities.
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Please provide us with your resume and any pertinent information of the applying organization.

Cover Letter Preparation

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