Expand your research network and develop novel technologies and products

Expand your research network and develop novel technologies and products

Hamyarapply assists researchers and scholars to collaborate with their peer colleagues around the globe. Our professional team helps you discover and communicate with the leading experts and companies who suit your research background, interests, and objectives.

In this regard, the other service of the Hamyarapply is the design and launch of personal website. Undoubtedly, the self presentation can have a great influence on connecting with other researchers and organizations around the globe. It is very important to well present your scientific discoveries, capabilities, research facilities to make the first steps forward towards future cooperation leading to joint venture agreements or partnerships.

We also put all our efforts to facilitate breakthrough research leading to novel technologies and products with significant contributions to the world society. Since 2021, we are honored to start up our own research initiatives in the field of agricultural biotechnology in collaboration with scholars from China, UK, and Canada in addition to providing knowledge management services to R&D teams specialized in chemical biotechnology. Currently, we work on our ideas to develop novel value added products from microalgae in collaboration with the other researchers to commercialize novel pharmaceutics.

In case of being interested in research + investment in new technologies, you can provide us with your research proposal or research plans through Contact Us. Or instead being interested in helping you connect with the leading teams of your field of practice, you can let us know your area of expertise so as to take the first steps to reach a contract and then deliver our services to you.


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