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A recommendation letter is a document which is written by a tutor, teacher, employer, colleague, or friend about their knowledge of the person, his abilities, and strengths. A recommendation letter is commonly used by students or job seekers who are applying for admission to higher education at a university, and it is one of the most effective tools for convincing an admissions committee to receive a scholarship for graduate students. It should be noted that the recommendation letter considerably reflects your abilities and background.

Academic recommendations are a prerequisite for being accepted in the application process. But it is not a sufficient condition to receive admission. Even if a student can acquire a recommendation from the best professor in his / her field of study, he/she still has to meet other admission requirements. This is why a letter of recommendation is not a sufficient condition for receiving admission. Therefore, the recommendation is not so important that all the concerns of the applicants are in the application process, nor is it so insignificant that the applicants can get a good position without it.

The importance of a recommendation letter is determined when the applicant has a skill that does not have anything to prove it. In this case, by writing a recommendation letter from a reputable professor, this skill is transferred to the admission committee of the desired university.

The recommendation letter can be prepared by telling us a historical summary of your capabilities in text.

Recommendation Letter

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