Hamyarapply: A business on facilitating scientific contributions

Hamyarapply is an information management business assisting scholars around the globe to organize, publish, and protect their intellectual properties. In this regard, a board of professional scholars works together at Hamyarapply to conduct all pertinent tasks such as scientific design of experiments, proof editing, and picturing science. We are honored to apply our communications skills in preparation of official letters and all commercial correspondences. The team of scholars, lawyers, and editors are of different educational backgrounds including basic science, humanities, engineering, life science, and medicine. They also have several years of experience in scientific contribution for different publishers and research institutes such as Elsevier, SID, Springer, Lexis, INSF, among others.

Your trust to our scientific community lead to publication of high quality scientific papers in such prestigious journals as Algal Research, Bioresource Technology, IEEE sensors, IET Nanobiotechnology, Industrial Crops and Products, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Solar Energy, among others. We are honored to prepare several presentations in prestigious international conferences as well as publish international patents. We try our best to help you well develop your product formulation and publish high quality and prestigious papers, patents, or any other types of scientific document.


Hamyarapply: A Platform for establishing research networks

Hamyarapply is a platform for students and scholars to connect with expert supervisors and to exchange their scientific-industrial knowledge with their peer colleagues across the world. Our professional staff members are dedicated to help you discover and apply for programs and schools best match your research background, interests, and financial situation. Our staff members are honored to streamline your application process from initial correspondence to final registration at your desired organization. So far, we made good collaboration networks between students and researchers of such diverse universities as Oxford, McMaster, Manchester, Sheffield, Waterloo, and Chinese Academy of Science.

Hamyarapply Services

Student Recruitment

Admission from universities or any higher educational institute according to your subject of interest.

CV, resume and linkedin

Making linkedin profile, writing and editing of resume, curriculum vitae (CV) in any format of your interest.

SOP Preparation

Writing and editing of motivation letter or statement of purpose for university admission or job application.

Proofreading and editing

Editing and proofreading of the scientific papers for journal submission,conference, books, theses and patents.

Official Letters

Preparation of cover letters for university admission and embassies as well as for participation in conferences, workshops, and summer schools.

Picturing Science

Picturing your scientific and engineering achievements as photographs for presentations, graphical abstracts for journal submissions, and covers for your internet pages.


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