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SOP Preparation – Motivation Letter

One of the mental conflicts of many students and graduates in different fields and at different levels of education is how to get admission to foreign universities. Many universities in the world in master’s and doctoral degrees have created suitable conditions in terms of quality and educational and welfare facilities to continue their education, which has led many people, both students, and graduates, to pursue higher education.

What is SOP?

If we want to have a simple definition of SOP, we have to say that SOP is a long essay that all universities abroad ask you for. If you look at the form of a complete and standard SOP, you will find that an SOP is a composition that states the purpose of using a particular course at a particular university. This essay covers who you are, who you want to become, and how ready you are to take a particular course at an institution.

The SOP also looks at the candidate’s life, motivations for his or her chosen career path, and goals.

Therefore, you should discuss past events that have affected your career path in a specific area where you want to grow by joining a course.

Therefore, the SOP is an article written by a student applying for a study program at a foreign university for admission to the program. This is the best way to express your goals and achievements to the members of the Admissions Committee and the faculty members of your field.

The application process requires the preparation of a series of documents, one of the most important of which is the SOP. The SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. In addition to these titles, the word SOP in some universities has other different names, the most common of which are:

Statement of Intent

Motivation Letter

Cover Letter

Letter of Intent

The importance of writing an SOP

The SOP is one of the most important documents that the applicant for admission (study or work) must write. Since most of the leading universities and schools of management and business request several personal letters from applicants, other universities and colleges of higher education also request a single letter in the range of 500 to 2000 words as a Statement of Purpose ( SOP) or Motivation Letter. Therefore, the SOP is the most important part or element of your application.

This is important because a standard SOP reflects your abilities, experience, and motivation to study in the field as well as the university of your choice. Therefore, a standard and appropriate SOP with a logical and correct text should explain the important and necessary points to the admission committee.

Since your degree is from the past and most applicants have only taken one or two exams such as GER, Gmat, IELTS, TOEFL, and their score has been greatly influenced by their circumstances on the day of the exam, the importance of Statement of Purpose shows itself to show superiority. Because the Statement of Purpose is the only document that is completely under your control, you only deal with the Statement of Purpose as a direct bridge to the university to differentiate yourself from other applicants and show the admissions committee that you deserve the opportunity.

Writing SOP

Writing SOP may seem simple, especially to people with a high level of English writing skills. So the mindset maybe that writing an essay on the subject of SOP is easy, but in reality, it is complicated because the storyline of a standard SOP is independent of linguistic knowledge and requires a certain kind of specialization.

These people may refer to ready-made examples on the Internet and come up with an SOP template with a simple search. But what can be deduced is that such SOPs are repetitive and lose their appeal at the very beginning of the study by the Admissions Committee. On the other hand, many reputable universities in the world are equipped with plagiarism investigation systems, and all the requested SOPs are checked by them before entering the admission committee. Therefore, in writing SOP, the necessary accuracy and ability must be used.

Remember that your SOP must be completely perfect. This is very important for admission and receiving funding. Ask a specialist or your friends and professors to correct spelling and grammatical errors. It is also a good idea to set aside your SOP for a few days and revisit it after a few days for the final correction to get a fresh look at it.

SOP Preparation

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