Summer School

Summer School

Introducing Summer Schools /getting acquainted with Summer School

Summer schools refer to specialized and useful courses during the summer holidays. These courses present for all ages (students and university students, and even faculty). For example, the Thames Valley Summer School is a 2 to 3 week course for students to learn science and English language skills which held in the UK. There are also many summer schools that specialized such as cell culture and genetics, start-up business management, and many other research centers around the world.

Attending summer schools gives you the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world and build science networks in international universities. You can have the experience of living with different cultures because most students leave in student dorms. Most of these courses provide specialized training programs, social programs, sports, hiking, exciting walks and art, and tourism activities with visiting historical, cultural and commercial sites.

advantages of Summer School / Hamyarapply is the official agent of Summer School

  1. Getting acquainted with the world’s advanced education system
  2. Experience traveling abroad for students without their families and increasing self-confidence for future education
  3. It becomes easier to study abroad for a person because of receiving an education degree and the experience of European travel is recorded in-person resume and is very important for visa issuance.
  4. Since summer school tours include the best places to study and tourism in the course schedule, this exciting trip will be a very enjoyable trip for the person.
  5. As its name, these courses are held in the summer and will not harm education in the country. By participating in these courses, you will have the opportunity to experience one of the most useful summers of your life.
  6. This trip is an English language training in a real and native space where people can keep in touch with international language through this course, which is important for many compatriots.
  7. Parents may also go with their children during this period and can easily check the cultures and educational conditions of the destination country and be relieved of their red line.
  8.  acquainted with other same-age students from other countries, participating in technical, engineering, medical, etc. courses on the course schedule.
  9. Visa is provided by school invitation without any problems to travel to the destination country which in other circumstances will be very difficult to get a visa.
  10. These international courses are a good opportunity for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students to make a good resume by attending international courses and conferences. It provides the opportunity to interact with prominent professors and researchers. This will make it possible to examine scholarships and existing positions well and make subsequent actions easier.
  11. Receiving international letters of recommendation for the academic process is considered a positive point, and you can receive these letters of participating, from faculty for future scientific meetings.

Summer school registration and visa issuance for students

Invitations that present from target summer schools make it very easy to apply for a visa. If you want to have a different experience in a specific foreign or academic country, attending these summer courses is a great offer. This course provides an opportunity for direct contact with foreign professors from internationally renowned universities, admission with fund for further study will be smother.

Hamyarapply is an agent of Summer School \Summer School Registration

read Carefully the terms and conditions of the summer schools on the main summer school website.  these courses may also have some agents in Iran or the Middle East. if they were available, contact them and get information, they can do many of the options that are difficult for you.

According to our experience in this area, families face many problems for their initial actions and if they do not have a good counselor may deprive of valuable experience. Hamyarapply team can provide valuable assistance to applicants. We also announce a variety of applied summer schools on our website from time to time.

Paying for summer schools:

If you are determined to attend these courses and have passed the early stages (if your resume confirmed by the university) and have reached the payment stage, if the courses do not have internal representatives, you should contact the valid virtual companies and pay and present the payment receipt to the relevant embassy

Issuing visa and visas of the destination country

when your application is done for summer school, you should go through the visa process

What type of documents does the Embassy receive for summer school visa issuance?

  1. Confirmation letter of Acceptance for the Summer Course Sent to You after applying
  2. Summer school payment receipt
  3. .bank statement: Certificate of Financial Foreign Currency
  4. Official translation of birth certificate and (National Card) with six-month validity
    Important Note for issuing visa:  keep in mind that admission in summer schools does not guarantee for issuing a visa in a few weeks, but formal invitations from international higher education institutions do not have a visa problem
  5. Stay in the European country to participate in the science course

After the visa process, you should check the accommodation and you will need to ask for the information and dormitory location. if the chosen place has a problem (for example crowded or ….) you can book and have a separate room with a higher cost and enjoy your trip.

Summer School Registration/ Summer School Registration Method/ Hamyarapply is an agent of summer school

To register for the best summer schools in your field of expertise, let us know your academic situation and professional interests.

Summer School Registration

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