Terms & Conditions

The provisions of the present Agreement specify the rights of all clients who wish to receive services or purchase products from Hamyarapply. It also helps us improve the quality of our website and services.

Article 1. Definition of terms in the present Agreement

Customer: An individual who receives any kind of service or purchase a product from the Hamyarapply group.

Contractor: Experts who cooperate with the Hamyarapply group to provide any kind of service to our customers.

Clients or visitors: People who visit the Hamyarapply website and intend to use the content written on the website.

Request: We consider any type of order or comment on the Hamyarapply website as a request.

Working days: All days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in Iranian Calendar. The working hours are from 7 am to 3 pm according to the UTC zone.

Note: All customers and clients are allowed to register and order their services all day long, throughout the year.

Article 2. General terms and conditions

Hamyarapply is an online platform for providing academic counseling services. It is a team of elite editors with various scientific backgrounds including basic sciences, businesses, engineering, humanities, and arts from all around the world. This website is also an online magazine to provide the latest news and articles relevant to education, scientific research, student recruitment, and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of scientific information. We make all efforts to publish correct information on our website, but we do not guarantee its accuracy. Accordingly, the Hamyarapply will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from inaccurate information or omission in the present website.

The present Agreement is only for the use of Hamyarapply services. You must adhere to the contract between the Hamyarapply representative and the customer upon requesting for a service. Contracts related to each of the academic counseling services will be sent to you through the electronic portal available on this website (Contact Us section). In case of any inconsistency in the provisions of this Agreement and the Cooperation Agreement, we base the Agreement signed between us as the main one.

Logging in this website upon using your profile and other services, you agree full aware of the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. Note that registering an order at any time means full acceptance of all the terms and conditions by the user.

It should be noted that the terms and conditions in this Agreement replace any kind of non-written agreement between the Hamyarapply and clients. Also, any reference to the Hamyarapply by any third-party is void, and our only criterion is this Agreement and the contents of the “hamyarappy.com” website.

Please note that all principles and procedures of this website are as per the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the law of electronic commerce and the law of consumer protection in the I.R. Iran. The contents of this Agreement are subject to change over time. These changes will be updated and published on this page as well. So it is the sole responsibility of the user to study and be aware of these changes.

Article 3. Privacy 

Hamyarapply respects the rights of users who visit our website and makes every effort to provide a secure environment for registration and submission of information by the customers. For this purpose, the Hamyarapply website has implemented all the necessary security systems.

Upon ordering and receiving services, our staff needs access to your personal information such as the telephone number, e-mail address, diplomas, financial information, identity card information, passport, etc. and it is required that the customer fully cooperates with us in this regard. In the case of non-cooperation with Hamyarapply in providing the required information, Hamyarapply is exempted from any weakness in services due to the lack of sufficient information required for providing the best service to the customer.

Note 1: In case of providing incomplete information, the Hamyarapply is exempt from providing the customers with high-quality services.

Note 2: The method of sending information is determined through the same website or by Hamyarapply staff, and in any case, Hamyarapply is obliged to protect your privacy and avoids any disclosure to a third party.

Note 3: Users are responsible for protecting their login information (username and password). To prevent any possible abuse, the clients should not disclose this information to anyone else.

Article 4. Communications

The clients are allowed to communicate with Hamyarapply only through the contact information presented on this website, www.hamyarapply.com. Every email to the users, employees, or clients will only be sent through the addresses listed in the “Contact Us” section of this website, and any contact with any other email address is not approved by us, and Hamyarapply is not responsible for possible abuses.

Article 5. Order registration

Only after the final registration and successful payment of the fee, Hamyarapply group is committed to providing the pertinent services to the customer or providing access to the online products available on the Hamyarapply shop. The registration of orders related to student recruitment services is done after that the contract was signed between Hamyarapply representative and the customer. The first payment must be done by the customer afterward. There is no obligation for Hamyarapply to do the work if the customer does not make the first payment.

Note 1: Since the services of Hamyarapply are similar to customized goods, the clients have no right to cancel their order, and in case of unilateral termination of the contract at the beginning of work, the employer must pay 30% of the total contract amount to the contractor within two weeks. And in case of significant progress of the work (more than 70% according to the procedures mentioned in the contract), the customer is obliged to pay the total cost.

Note 2: Unilateral termination of the services that have durations less than one month is only possible one day after registration of the order, and more than this period, the Hamyarapply has no obligation for refund. The due date of each service is provided on the Hamyarapply website under each service, and the duration of the agreement between the customer and the Hamyarapply representative is not the basis of judgment.

Article 8. Content of Hamyarapply website

Hamyarapply group makes all efforts to present the correct content to the users. All rights of the Hamyarapply website are reserved and republishing the content without mentioning the source is prohibited.

Article 9. Pricing policy 

The pricing policies of Hamyarapply are based on the principles of customer orientation and respect for consumer rights. The price of most academic counseling services is determined based on the circumstances and resume of each person, specific to each customer. For those services such as SOP writing or editing, a fixed price is stated below the descriptions of each service.

Hamyarapply group needs to receive information from the customer to provide consulting services and uses this information to estimate the cost. Therefore, the accuracy of the information is your sole responsibility, and if the employer’s information is incorrect, Hamyarapply reserves the right to terminate the contract and receive the full cost.

Article 10. Request for revision or editing 

Hamyarapply group reserves the right for its customers to request a review of the services they receive. Therefore, the Hamyarapply group for student recruitment services such as motivation letter, resume, proposal, cover letter, study plan, article editing, translation, etc., has provided the opportunity of reviewing and requesting editing up to twice for customers without any extra fees. The customers can request a review within ten days after receiving the services. After these ten days, Hamyarapply has no obligation to consider your request.

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