University education and consulting services

The application process for obtaining admission

The admission process is done by experts at Hamyarapply Institute in three fundamental steps. The first step is collecting the materials for correspondence with overseas professor’s universities. In the second step, our experts prepare a list of scholarships or work related to your field or specialty and correspondence with the professors of each group, and in the third step, complete the registration forms for final acceptance, and will enroll at target universities or research groups. Also in this final step the Legal Experts at Hamyarapply guide you in visa process.

the first step is to receive Admission

Details in the first step in Resume Writing, Correspondence Writing, SOP (motivation letter), and Cover Letter for every research group in target university, Completing Your Personal Profiles on Social Networks (such as Research Gate, LinkedIn, etc.), creating a Personal Website by purpose to provide an attractive online resume for you.

The second step of admission:

the most important activities that our experts do include the personal profiles of professors from the top 1000 QS universities in the world that they are active in your research field. Also, check out the most up-to-date job opportunities in your specialty and research activity. After preparing this list of professors, the letter writing process and initial submission of documents will send.

the third step of admission with the Fund

The purpose of the third step is to prepare you for an online interview (via Skype, WhatsApp, telephone, etc.) and to send the original documents to the target universities after the professors have announced their initial readiness to get you as a research assistant or student. Also, our legal experts will also guide you through the process of form completing in university registration or target research institute and visa forms too.

If you would like to apply for a job or education admission by our Apple Assistant, you can download our service list and send it to us.

Hamyarapply Assistant Admission List:

Zero to hundred Hamyarapply packages to get a scholarship admission

Educational Counseling (to choose a field or field of study)

Introducing a list of 1000 top universities in the world to submit admissions

resume writing (academic or career background)

Writing letters for correspondence with professors

writing a Motivation letter (SOP, RI, SOI)

Writing a Cover letter

Create social pages (LinkedIn profile, etc.)

design personal website (in English or persian)

produce personal website content (in English or Persian)

consultation for Skype interview

consultation for creating a resume, motivation letter, cover letter and other correspondence with professors

Official translation of education documents

preparing and sending documents

apply for awards and scholarships

consulting on documents preparing for visa application

house preparation in abroad

You do not need to choose other services if you choose the complete Assistant package, and Hamyarapply Assistant Group is committed to your education admission.

University education and consulting services

Please provide us with a resume of yourself in case of assisting you discover and apply for programs and schools best match your research backgrounds, interests, and financial situation.

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